Taking Another Look at Email as a Small Business Marketing Tool

December 17, 2012 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Most retailers have, by now, at least begun to embrace social media as a valid form of marketing. In doing so however many of them have neglected a form of marketing that continues to outperform all forms of social media in terms of lead generation and lead conversions – email marketing.

Email marketing has become something of a dinosaur in many peoples eyes, but done right it can be very effective and you can still tie in all of your hard work that you have been putting in on the social media front as well.

Done right is the the key phrase here. Most email in-boxes are fuller than ever and spam content filters more aggressive than ever before as well so even if you are building up a decent sized email subscription list actually getting subscribers to open your emails and read them is a challenge, the main reason why so many people have gravitated towards more social media marketing instead is because it is easier.

If you do want to take advantage of all that email marketing still has to offer here are just a few tips for creating an email marketing campaign the right way:

Use the Right Provider – If you have access to the content management system of your own website then you will probably find that it has some email list and distribution features built in.  These offerings may be clunky and the analytics attached to them are almost archaic.

A better alternative is to use an email service. Mailchimp and Constant Contact are both excellent offerings (Mailchimp is a little ‘cooler’ ) The pricing is very reasonable – both services are free for a small list – and the template options and analytics available are excellent.

Make Signing Up for Your Email List Easy – Hiding a subscription form in the footer of your website is not very effective. Making it quick and easy to sign up for your email list is a must. There are a number of different options for very effective contact forms offered by most of the major email services that are easy for the visitors to complete and even easier for you to keep track of.

Offer Value – An email address is not something many people share lightly so giving them a reason to do so is something all retail businesses should do. You do not have to offer a huge discount, but an ‘exclusive’ coupon helps, together with the promise of more.

Some retailers have also had great success offering an e-book or report that contains information that is potentially valuable to the customer. For example an e-book showcasing the uses of your products can be just as enticing as a coupon.

Serve Tasty Snacks – A email newsletter does not have to be a long tome. Instead serve bite sized ‘snacks’ that the reader can choose from. A snippet from your latest blog post (that links back to your site to read the full piece) a product showcase, a coupon or discount. All of these can be neatly slotted into an email template and offer are more value to the reader than a long stream of copy with a vague call to action at the end.

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