Quick and Easy New Year’s Eve Decorations

December 21, 2012 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Even if you feel that you have had quite enough of decorating this holiday season there is one more occasion where you can enjoy a little creative DIY home decor – New Year’s Eve.

Fewer people than ever before are actually going out for New Year’s, choosing to entertain in the comfort and safety of their own homes instead. For most people choosing to take this route, there’s still plenty of Christmas decor in place to add a festive air but adding a few special touches for New Year’s does not have to be hard – or expensive – and doing so will help the party have its own theme. Here are just a few ideas to spark your creativity:

Black Eye Peas Candle Bowls

In the South black eye peas are considered an essential part of the New Year’s celebrations as they have long been a symbol of luck and prosperity. If cooking them up is not your thing these simple beans can also be used as a simple New Year’s decoration.

Raiding your cabinets – or the local thrift store – find a number of different bowls or vases . Into each, place a candle and then keep that candle in place by surrounding it with the peas. It is a very simple look that creates a lovely homey feel once the candles are lit and the bowls scattered around the room.

Confetti Balloons

Balloons are usually a standard element of any New Year’s celebration but you can make them even more festive and fun if you add a few pieces of confetti to each of them before they are inflated.

Then, as the midnight hour and the New Year approaches, set out a dish of pins and encourage guests to pick a few balloons to pop as the ball drops. It will all be a bit messy but the fun everyone will have will be worth the extra bit of cleanup.

Home Made Noisemakers

Have some of those black eyed peas left over? Then use them to create some simple homemade noisemakers. Toilet tissue or kitchen roll tubes, filled with the peas and then sealed at either end, decorated in any way you think are a cheap alternative to store bought favors. It is very much a kindergarten craft in a lot of ways but the results can still be rather stunning if you use a bit of imagination!

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