KHD Buzz : LinkedIn Retires Answers, Tumblr Tips, Mobile Clicks and More

February 1, 2013 0 By Koehler Home Decor

Linkedin Answers is Going Away


Savvier internet marketers have been using Linkedin Answers to help them build an online reputation as an expert in their field ever since the site debuted. For many the tactic worked very well. Now however, LinkedIn has decided to retire the feature altogether. Read More


Facebook by the Day 


Have you ever wondered what the best day and time would be to post to your business Facebook page to gain the most traffic and interaction for your posts? This fascinating infographic actually breaks it down for you, niche by niche.  Read More


Understanding Tumblr 


If your business markets to teens or young adults you need to know that they are increasingly making use of Tumblr over Facebook for content interactions. Therefore getting to know this social blogging platform and how to use it for marketing purposes is a good idea. This piece breaks down the basics for you. Read More 


Optimizing for Mobile for Online Retailers – Easier than You Think 


You have heard it a billion times by now we’re sure. Mobile is the fastest growing sector of Internet use and optimizing an e commerce site for smartphone and tablets is a must. Here is another handy infographic that demonstrates that doing so is not as hard as you might have expected. Read More


Report: 25% of Search Clicks are Coming from Mobile Devices


A brand new report is suggesting that a full 25% paid search clicks that Google garners are coming from mobile devices. Read the report here.


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