KHD Buzz – Facebook in Decline, New Google Adwords Changes, Brands on Vine and More

February 11, 2013 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Facebook is Losing Its Appeal 


If Facebook plays a big part in your social media marketing strategy you are far from alone. The appeal that the social media giant has for many people seems to be fading and more and more people are finding that Facebook fatigue is very real and not just a term that the media made up. Read More

Google Adwords ‘Enhanced Campaigns’ Put the Focus on Mobile 


Google announced some long anticipated new features and services for Google Adwords users, ‘Enhanced’ campaigns are designed to make managing ads across all platforms an easier and more efficient task for users, with a lot of the new features relating directly to mobile ads. Read More 

Brand Contests Invade Vine


Vine, the Twitter owned video sharing site which is just a few weeks old, is already attracting businesses hoping to make use of the site’s capabilities for marketing purposes.   This means that the first brand sponsored contests and giveaways are already starting to appear. Read More

The Most Frugal Cities in the US 


For businesses that rely on customers from all over the United States rather than just a single local area, this infographic, which reveals which cities residents are the 25 most frugal, makes an interesting read.  Atlantans lead the way but which are the other 24 cities that make up the list?  Read More 

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