KHD Buzz – The Big BK Hack, Google’s Retail Ambitions, A New Look for Yahoo! and More

February 25, 2013 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Best Reactions to The Burger King Twitter Hack – and Lessons to Be Learned 


The hacking of Burger King’s Twitter account last week (by someone who was obviously a big McDonald’s fan) should have taught any business with a social media presence some very big lessons. Protect your passwords was a big one, but also to monitor what is going on regarding your accounts on a regular basis. The BK hijacker managed to post a lot of Tweets before they were halted and the problem was noticed by other Twitterers long before Burger King’s social media team figured it out.

That having been said, let us start your day with a chuckle. Check out the funniest reactions to the hack here (with special kudos to @Wendys ).

Is Google Going Retail? 


Apple Stores have been a huge success for the company. Microsoft plans to open 44 retail stores worldwide by July 2013. The latest rumor in the world of retail is that Google is  making plans to follow these companies’ leads and is beginning to open retail stores to market their products, including the much talked about Google Glass. Read More

Business in a Box?


Minimizing set up costs without sacrificing efficiency is very important in the world of small retail business. Now a new offering from Square may help do just that. The company is selling a $299.00 ‘Business in a Box’ cut that promises to get retailers ready to begin ringing the register in minutes. Read More 

Yahoo!’s New Homepage – Hit or Miss? 


As a part of its bid to reinvent itself, Yahoo! had changed the look of its homepage for the first time in four years. Infinite scrolling, mobile friendly news story columns and even a colorful new logo have all been added – and yet some people still do not like it.. Read More 

Google and Matt Cutts Issue “Reminder’ Warning About Paid Links and Advertorials 


We have all seen them and some may have even been tempted to pay to be included in an “advertorial”. After Google slapped large penalties on a number of UK newspaper sites  Matt Cutts took to the Google Webmaster blog to ‘remind’ companies worldwide about the Google policies on paid links and the damage they can do to a company’s SERPs rankings. Read More 

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