KHD Buzz – Bad Merchants, Google Rings, Grumpy Cat Steals the Show and More

March 18, 2013 0 By Koehler Home Decor

Bad Merchants Beware – Matt Cutts is Coming for You


At the “How to Rank Better in Google & Bing” panel hosted by Danny Sullivan at SXSWi last week Google’s Matt Cutts had quite a lot to say, including that the Google Webspam team he heads is planning to crack down on ‘bad merchants’ by making algorithm tweaks that would prevent bad merchants from ranking too highly in Google Search results. Read More

A Ring that Replaces All Your Passwords?


If you thought the idea of Google Glass was rather Jetson-like, wait until you see what else the company’s hardware boffins are working on – a ring that can be used to replace all of your passwords. Read More

Grumpy Cat Rules at SXSWi


Who would you rather cozy up to – Elon Musk, co founder of Paypal and Tesla Motors, or Tardar Sauce, the cat better known to the universe as Grumpy Cat? If you choose the latter then you would be far from alone, as the reception to her appearances at SXSWi demonstrated. Read More

The BBC Slapped with an Unnatural Link Warning 


Small businesses everywhere live in fear of doing something wrong online that earns them a rebuke – and a drop in the SERPs – from Google. They may then take solace in the fact that even an institution as large and celebrated as the British Broadcasting Corporation has been issued an unnatural links warning. Read More 

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