Questions You Must Ask a Mobile Website or Mobile App Developer Before Hiring Them

March 29, 2013 0 By Koehler Home Decor

mobilewebMost small business owners and entrepreneurs have now realized that finding some way to target mobile users who head to their website is a must, especially in the online retail space. For most that means hiring someone to create a mobile website and/or mobile app for them.

There are some online tools that allow users with little technical knowledge to create their own mobile websites and apps. However, just like standard websites made in this way, the end results do tend to be rather limited and generic. Therefore, making the investment in having your new mobile presence professionally designed is one that may very well be worth making.

Designing for the mobile Internet space is rather different to designing for traditional Internet real estate, and not all web developers are really up to speed on the newer technology yet. The person who did such a great job on your flagship website may not be the right one to design and implement your mobile one (or they may be perfect.) Here then are some of the things you should ask anyone you are considering hiring to help take your business into the rapidly exploding world off mobile Internet engagement:

What is Your Experience with Mobile Site Design? – Sure this person can code a mobile website or mobile app so that it functions well, but can they make it look great at the same time? While it is true that there is a lot less pixel space for a designer to work with in a mobile space, that does not have to mean that they produce something that is plain and boring.

The best mobile developers are well versed in HTML5, a clever little programming language that bypasses the need to use Flash (which iDevice users cannot view anyway) to create something beautiful and functional. These are the people you should be looking for.

How Will I Update my New Site or App? – This is an especially important question if you are considering commissioning a mobile app. You need to know just how you will be able to update your mobile content and how quickly you are going to be able to do that. Ideally, the developer can show you a way to do so yourself, or at least guarantee you real, easily accessible support on an ongoing basis.

Can You Design for Both the iOS and Android? – Android based smartphones and tablets are keeping pace with, and in some cases outstripping, apple mobile devices like the iPhone and the iPad in terms of sales. Therefore having an app that can be offered to both sets of mobile consumers is a must and having one without the other is akin to ignoring half of your potential mobile audience.

Can You Guarantee App Market Placement? – Offering your fancy new mobile apps from your website is one thing, but in order to really get the most bang for your buck people need to be able to find it in the major mobile app markets as well.

Ask the designer you are considering to show your example of where they have placed previous clients apps and what their process is for getting the apps they create approved by iTunes and Google Play. If they can only offer you placement in an obscure Android clone market (there are lots out there) then move on to the next candidate.

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