Three Ways Your Ecommerce Website Could Lose an Online Sale in a Second

Three Ways Your Ecommerce Website Could Lose an Online Sale in a Second

July 6, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

The number of people who choose to shop online still continues to increase every day, so any retailer that does not maintain an online store of some kind is probably losing out on a large chunk of business.

Simply having an e-commerce website is not enough though. In order for your Internet-based shopping services to make a difference to your bottom line,  you must create an e-commerce site that offers the best possible shopping experience for the customer.

You can probably find article after article that will offer all kinds of tips about the (many) things you should do to achieve this delicate balance, but less is discussed about things that you should not do, the things that will lose you a sale, however great your products or services are.

These are some of the biggest turnoffs for potential online customers. Are you making any of these mistakes on your site?

Confusing Navigation

If a customer has a hard time actually navigating their way to a shopping cart then why would they bother? Too many online stores get bogged down with the idea of creating a site that is ‘visually creative’ and ‘distinctive’. These may be noble ideas but if that creativity means that the buy button is hidden or hard to find then no matter how much they might be interested in what you have to offer the potential customer will probably decide to save themselves the hassle and find what they are looking for elsewhere.

Long, Drawn Out Checkouts

No matter what they are looking for, online shoppers want speed and convenience. If they make it to the checkout only to be faced with a fifteen field form, or a checkout process that is spread across three or four pages, then the chances that a customer will lose patience and click away are high.

Obviously, in order to make a safe and secure online sale, you need some basic information. Consumers do understand that. However, seek out a shopping cart system that makes sharing this information as quick and easy as possible to minimize the number of abandoned carts left languishing in your virtual aisles.

Blurry, Broken Images and Bad Copy

Online customers usually shop images first, so great visual representations of your products are a must. It is not always enough to simply have great stock images or even original photography though. The way your particular website utilizes those images is just as important. Broken images, or images that are too small to see properly are often more off-putting to a customer than having no image at all.

Once a customer has been drawn in by a great visual they do want more information before they buy, which is where the copy comes in. Great product descriptions do not have to be literary masterpieces, but they do have to convey basic information in a way that is at least vaguely engaging. Proper spelling and grammar is a must as well. You could have images that are of art gallery standard, but if you then spoil it with copy errors much of the impact will be lost.

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