How to Create Better Content Every Time

How to Create Better Content Every Time

June 7, 2019 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Do you use content marketing to promote your business? Is it actually working or are you not getting the kinds of results you had hoped for?

Content marketing can be an effective – and often more economical – way to promote businesses and services of almost any kind, but only if it is done the right way and as a consistent, monitored effort that you take seriously, not just something you do on a quiet Friday afternoon when you have time to throw a blog post together or knock out a few articles.

If you are new to the concept of content marketing, or of you have been at it for a while with mixed results, here are a few tips for better content creation that you should begin implementing now in order to reap the rewards you are hoping to.

Know What Your Goals Are

Before you begin creating content you need to decide what it is you want it to do. Generate more sales for your product? Encourage more sign-ups for your newsletter? A nice bit of PR to up your company’s visibility in your local area or within your retail niche? Whatever your goals for your content are, make a list of them right from the start.

Produce Content People Want to Share

By now most of us have done it many times. We come across a great article, a rather good video, a very funny/informative/enlightening blog and we share it on Twitter, Facebook or some other social site without any other enticement to do so than we think the people we know will enjoy it too. Ideally that is what you want your content to do, interest people enough that they pass it on without being asked.

SEO is Important But Be Careful

Should your content be as search engine friendly as possible? Of course it should. But it needs to successfully navigate a delicate tightrope between search engine friendly and people friendly so be careful with those overused keywords and tired cliches.

Optimize titles and use the right keywords by all means, but do not do so excessively at the expense of what might otherwise have been very readable, interesting content.

Mix it Up

Blogs and articles are great but to get the most out of content marketing mix it up a bit. Make a video and post it YouTube, even if it is only a Powerpoint Presentation set to music. Create a PDF white paper, an infographic, an audio presentation. The more types of consistent content you have to offer the better.

Get Your Content Noticed

Make sure that you post your content where it has a great chance of being seen, not just on your own website. Comment on the relevant blogs of others and leave a link to your own content. Do the same in forums and of course on social networks.

If your content marketing efforts revolve around a specific product or service that you sell then one of your goals with your content is probably going to be to get it noticed by the “big name” bloggers, writers and commentators in your industry.

However, just following them on social networking sites is not enough (they are unlikely to follow you back anyway) comment on their work, their status updates, retweet their tweets. If your content is good, this way they just might notice.

Keep Track of Content Performance

Remember those content goals? You need to make sure you have an accurate way to track them and that you do so on a regular basis. Google Analytics is a good tool for many of these tasks but there are out there to consider. And when it is becoming obvious from those analytics results that something is just not working don’t do it to death and hope things improve, change tactics and try something else.

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