KHD Buzz – Big News at Google’s I/O, Linkedin Cracks Down on the Oldest Profession in the World and More …

May 20, 2013 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Highlights From Google’s I/O 


The Google I/O conference, held last week, was not really Earth shattering, but there certainly was more than a little cool stuff announced, including a new music streaming service designed to rival Spotify and Pandora, Google Now, a search algorithm so clever that it can almost anticipate what you are looking for before you type in a single letter and a way to send money directly in a Gmail message. Read More

Linkedin Slaps a Ban On Escort Services 


As it is a worldwide site, escort services and prostitution are actually quite legal, so some enterprising professionals had taken to using the networking site as an excellent way to get some free advertising as well as reach a ‘better class’ of clientele.

Having now realized this, Linkedin have had to make some changes to prevent all of this, but doing so is not without its legal headaches. Read More

YouTube To Allow Businesses To Sell Straight From Its Site


Businesses of all sizes and in all niches have been using YouTube as a marketing tool almost since the site first began. Now however, they are going to be allowed to use it as a direct sale platform as well. Read More

He’s Back – And So is the Penguin 

Its time for another new Matt Cutts video, and this time he actually offers a glimpse at the things that he and his team -the Webspam team – are going to be working on in the next few months. And once again, says the very jovial Mr Cutts, the Penguin is ready to roll again, and it is coming back as a more powerful tool than ever…..

And just in case some people did not quite get the point from his video, a few days after its release Cutts also tweeted the following on May 15th:


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