What’s New at KHD – Peacock Solar Windchimes

June 5, 2013 Off By Koehler Home Decor

yhst-38483213383664_2264_443254175People have been hanging windchimes around their homes for centuries, and for good reason. As a decorative touch, a great set of windchimes add instant extra visual interest, and the beautiful sound they make as the wind dances through them is both relaxing and soothing. Our new Peacock Solar Windchimes offer something extra as well though; gorgeous glittering light.

At the heart of this proud peacock lies a solar powered crackled glass orb. As the sun shines on it, the light contained within changes colors as the wind makes the pipe charm below it sing.

Our Peacock Solar Windchimes are crafted from high quality glass and bronze toned metal. The peacock’s feathers are adorned with sparkling crystals that only serve to heighten the elegance of these windchimes’ appearance. Intricately detailed, the windchimes measure 14″ x 3½” x 38½” high

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