How to Avoid Business Blogging Burnout

How to Avoid Business Blogging Burnout

March 29, 2019 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Given that Google is paying less attention to keywords, and is tougher than ever on bad backlinking practices in 2019 it’s more important than ever that content creation is a large part of a business’ overall marketing plan. And although it has been around for a long time business blogging is still one of the most effective – and ‘Google approved’ ways to do it.

Creating content that other people will find worth sharing or liking can be a constant struggle though, especially for a retailer. You may get stuck when it actually comes to thinking up new ideas for regular posts, especially if you need to do so several times a week.

Even more common these days is something that many refer to as ‘blog burnout’. You still have the ideas, you just cannot motivate yourself any longer to find the time/and or money to blog as often as you should.

Twice a week becomes once a week, once a week becomes once a month and then eventually you stop altogether. With no new content to rank the search bots begin to come around less often and your site’s position in the SERPs begins to fall.

Blog burnout, just like writer’s block, can be overcome though. Here are a few ways that you can (hopefully) prevent it from derailing all of the good work you’ve done in the past.

Stick to What You Know and Love

As a retailer, you certainly want to highlight your products as often as possible, but a continual stream of blog posts about just your offerings will get very boring, very quickly, both for you and for your readers. Certainly you do want to write some, but mix things up a little.

Every retailer knows a lot about just how their products can be used and you can turn this knowledge into very interesting content. For example, if you sell kitchenware, try offering up some posts about kitchen decor trends, or great recipes (that can be made using your products) in these posts keep the references to your products subtle.

By blogging about what you know you will also be helping you to avoid blog burnout. Not having to spend too much time doing research makes writing on a regular basis much easier and far more enjoyable.

Read Regularly

Sometimes something will catch your eye as you surf the web and it will immediately inspire a great idea for an entertaining post. If you get into the habit of making reading through other websites related to your niche on a daily basis – even if it is only for fifteen minutes when you are drinking your coffee – this should happen more and more often, taking a lot of angst out of the blogging process.

Take a Writing Break

People do love to share great images. If you are truly stuck for ideas, offer up the occasional visual post instead. It might be a relevant to your niche infographic or just some great images of your products ‘in action’. Doing this all the time is not a good idea, but throwing the occasional post of this type into the mix is a great way to make your content even more diverse and appealing.

One Last Note

A reader comes across some really great content and they are actually motivated to share it. However, when they look for the little button that would let them share it to their Facebook wall, or Tweet it to their followers and it’s not there. Now, in order to share, they would have to copy and paste the link, navigate to their social media account, log in, and then copy and paste the link again. Most people are simply not going to ever bother to do that.

Make it easy for your readers to share all of your content. Add buttons for a number of social networks, not just FB and Twitter and make sure that they work! There are a lot of excellent plugins for WordPress and Joomla that can make this very easy and one of them should be installed underneath every piece of content you post.

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