Getting Started With Facebook Ads the Right Way

June 14, 2013 0 By Koehler Home Decor

Alchemy-Facebook-AdvertisingFacebook advertising is, for some businesses, far more effective than a Google Adwords PPC campaign, especially as you can target a very specific audience. At the very least it can be a great addition to an existing PPC campaign and as the minimum costs to run a limited campaign on Facebook are relatively low and since a little testing won’t break the bank, maybe it’s time to give it a try.

If you have been thinking about diverting some of your marketing dollars to an initial Facebook advertising campaign here are a few tips and tricks that you should keep in mind as you plan your first ads:


Take the Time to Get Your Target Demographic Right

Before you do anything else it is crucial that you research the target demographic you will be wanting your ads to reach. You are given some very detailed options so taking the time to go through them all will really pay off.

How narrow you make your ad parameters depends very much upon just what you are trying to sell as well as your own understanding of what your target demographic really is. Not all companies, especially smaller ones, actually truly understand just who their target audience really is. If your business is one of them, take care of that research before you start placing – and paying for – Facebook ads.

Get the Copy Right

Facebook allows you just 25 characters for the ad title and 135 characters for the ad copy. That is not a lot, so you have to get your point across quickly. Many successful Facebook advertisers have found that asking a question is the most effective way to get people to interact with the ad. It does not have to be anything too clever, just a simple question “ Do you need more leads for your business?” for example.

Images Matter Too

Facebook mandates that your ads have a single, static image. Without any fancy Flash tricks available to you, picking the right striking static image is a must. The space you have is very small – just 110 pixels wide x 80 pixels high. If the image you choose is not this size then Facebook will re-size it for you and you may not get the result you hoped for. Take the time to re-size the image yourself so that you know just how it will look when your ad begins to run.

Test, Test, Test

One of the best things about Facebook advertising is that they make it very easy to test a number of slightly different campaigns at the same time. For the best results tweak different things in different ads. Change the demographics for one but the image for another. Add slightly different copy to a few different ads. You will eventually discover what will work best for your unique brand or if Facebook advertising even works for your  business at all.

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