KHD Buzz, Big Changes for Local Search, Instagram Adds Video, Yahoo Called ‘Moronic’ and More

June 24, 2013 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Google Game Changer for Local Businesses? 

mexican restaurants nyc - Google Search

Google has just added the image based carousel feature to their local business basic search results, and that could be a big boon for businesses who have made the effort to create a great Google + Places presence. Read More

Instagram Adds Video 


Maybe it is a bid to upstage Vine, or perhaps just a natural evolution for the platform, but Instagram added video this week, making the announcement at Facebook’s ‘big event’ (which really wasn’t too earth shattering). Now people can record hip and cool videos of those delicious meals as well as take those endless hipster snaps (yeah ?)  But in fact some brands are already making far better use of the new functionality than that. Read More 

Yahoo! Email Plan Deemed ‘Moronic’ by Security Experts 


Yahoo! has revealed that they are ready to start giving away inactive email addresses, but it is a move that a lot of internet security experts do not think is a smart one..Read More 


Facebook Now Fully Supports Hashtags – But Does Anyone Care? 

grumpy cat facebook hashtags

Facebook has now completed the roll out of a functional hashtag capability to all users, but does anyone actually care anyway? Read More

The Chrome Video Cat Lovers Can All Relate To

As a part of a new YouTube ad campaign to promote all that Google Chrome can do, the company has posted a number of amusing short videos, but this has to be our favorite…

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