What’s New at KHD – Easy Food Slicer

yhst-38483213383664_2268_13701084Sure, its looks so easy to slice food perfectly every time in seconds when watching the chefs on the Food Network but somehow, when you actually come to do it yourself, more often than not you end up with misshapen chunks and even a couple of cut fingers if you were trying to get really fancy. Our new Easy Food Slicer will put an end to all of that and allow you to let your inner sous chef shine through.

This slicer is so easy to use it is difficult to believe until you actually see it action. Place the food item on the tray, close the lid, turn the handle and there you have it – perfectly sliced fruits and vegetables every time. Sloppy salads will become a thing of the past, as will mangled fingers!

Our Easy Food Slicer is crafted from high quality metal and plastic, stands 11½” x 4″ x 6″ high and easy to clean and maintain.

Buy the Easy Food Slicer wholesale at Koehler Home Décor!

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