KHD Buzz – ICANN Says No to Amazon, Google Photographers, Bing Says Its Getting Bigger and More..

KHD Buzz – ICANN Says No to Amazon, Google Photographers, Bing Says Its Getting Bigger and More..

July 22, 2013 0 By Koehler Home Decor

Amazon Can’t Own ‘Amazon’ Says ICANN 


Last year, along with many others, Amazon applied for the generic top level domain rights to their own websites name. However, ICANN has rejected that application, probably because there is a matter of that big river that goes by the same name that has been around a heck of a lot longer. But what does this actually mean for the company? Read More 

Privacy for Sale? 


With all the fuss about the NSA and privacy over the last few weeks, the results of one recent study may surprise you. It found that many people are OK with their privacy being invaded in many ways, as long as they get something back in return…Read More 

Meet the Google Trusted Photographers 


They are a little known team but Google Trusted Photographers are actually potentially a location based business’ best friend, as these are the folks who snap the shots for the enhanced  Google Business listings (the ones that you are seeing in that little carousel at the top of many search results as well as on Google Maps.) But who are these people and why does Google trust them? Read More 

Is it Time to Take Bing More Seriously? 


Most people involved in Internet marketing in any way really only ever worry about what the Almighty G is doing. But do new figures from Bing seem to indicate that the Microsoft owned search engine may finally be beginning to make a noticeable dent in Google’s search stranglehold… Read More

More Bad Link Practices According to Google with Matt Cutts 

And speaking of pleasing the Big G, here is the latest Google Webmaster video from the ever charming, helpful but irritatingly vague at times Matt Cutts. This time he’s here to scare you over your website’s link health  (again).


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