Should Your Business Be Paying More Attention to SEO for Bing?

August 2, 2013 Off By Koehler Home Decor

360_wbing_0831For most people who have any involvement in Internet marketing at all (which is almost any business owner) how Google interprets, and what Google position their site ranks in, is all they have really cared about over the past years. Sure we all know that Bing exists, some of us may even use it occasionally, but only a handful of people actually really care about their position in Bing’s SERPS.

However, as Bing slowly begins to gain market share – 17% at last count – and is propelled  even more by its integration into Facebook and Siri, it may be time for business owners to start giving Bing a bit more attention.

So How Do You Actually Do SEO for Bing Anyway?

Most Internet marketers pay a lot of attention to their Google Analytics, to their Google Webmaster dashboard and to what the likes of Matt Cutts has to say in order to make the most of their place in Google. But just how do you do the same thing for Bing?

The best place to start is their SEO Analyzer Toolbox. This is actually a very comprehensive set of resources that is perhaps a little more transparent than Google’s similar tools. Setting up your website in Bing Webmaster Tools is not difficult – the process is the same as Google’s – and if you are a first timer at the moment you will be given a code for $50 worth of PPC advertising.

Bing, Google and Your PPC Budget

If you use PPC advertising as a part of your Internet marketing efforts then the chances are good that you devote most – if not all – of that budget to Google. However, by using the competitive site analysis tools that Bing offers you will find that an increasing number of retailers big and small are giving Bing PPC a try. Use that $50 and see what happens. Analyze your direct competition a little – are they using Bing as well as Google? It never hurts to diversify a little anyway.

Bing Gurus

Most webmasters are at least vaguely aware of Matt Cutts, the Google Web Spam engineer who has essentially become a ‘guru’ of sorts to SEOs everywhere even though much of what an SEO really wants to know is not really his job. Does Cutts have a Bing counterpart? As a matter of fact he does. His name is Duane Forrester, he is the Senior Program Manager and Manager of Bing Webmaster Tools and more and more often he is popping up alongside Cutts on the various industry panels that address SEO issues.

Given that Google has had such a hold on the search market for so long it is probably a little far fetched to think that they will lose it all to Bing but some people are making the switch, even if it is because they are essentially being forced to by Facebook or Apple.

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