How To Get a High Quality Business Logo for Less

August 30, 2013 Off By Koehler Home Decor

small-business-logosAll of the hype surrounding Yahoo’s upcoming new logo does shine a light on something that many small business owners do tend not to pay too much attention to; having a logo that defines their brand, is recognizable as their own and does not look like the work of an amateur let loose in Paintbox.

Spending a great deal of money on a logo design is often not even an option for a small business, as there are usually so many things competing for the limited dollars a small business has to spare in the first place.

That does not have to mean that you are stuck with a bad logo, or that you cannot, with a little planning and thought, swap out a poorly executed logo for a far better one while still holding on to the core of your businesses brand, on a budget. Here are a few options worth keeping in mind.

The DIY Option

DIY logo creation is available online at very reasonable prices – often less than $30 – but unless you honestly have some great design skills then they are rarely worth considering. Sites that offer you the use of a limited clip art collection have offered that some collection to many others before you, so there will be many other logos out there that look a lot like yours, making it very hard to create your own brand.

The other problem with using these services is that while the initial cost may be very low – and in some cases maybe even free – in order to get the high resolution files you need there is often a fee involved that is considerably higher. High enough in many cases that you would have been better off considering a different option in the first place.

Logo Marketplaces

There are some sites – most notably Logo Arena and – that allow people to submit what essentially becomes a design competition. You set the specs, provide some basic information about your company and then designers who have signed up for the services can submit their design ideas on spec for consideration for you to choose from.

Most of the designers are design students trying to build a design portfolio, so you can in fact get some really great stuff. You will pay more – on average about $250 – but the design will be your own and you will be able to see how different people interpret your brand, something that is rather fascinating in itself.

The Importance of a High Quality Image File

Whatever option you choose, it is very important that you are provided with your logo in a number of different file formats and that some of them are hi-res renderings. For most businesses their logo will be used both on and offline – in printed materials like business cards and flyers, as well as across your online properties and you will need the highest quality possible in many instances. What counts as hi-res? At least 300dpi. However, a vectorized logo is the very best option of all. Vectorized images do not lose quality as their size is increased and/or decreased, so if at all possible, ask your designer to create a vectorized logo right from the start.

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