Christmas in September – Why the Time to Begin Finalizing Your Holiday Marketing is Right Now

September 13, 2013 0 By Koehler Home Decor

summery- christmasSeptember is the perfect time for …putting up the mistletoe? OK, so maybe the holiday season is not quite that close, but for retailers September is the month when they should be finalizing their holiday marketing plans in preparation for the holiday shopping season that does seem to begin earlier and earlier every year.

Withe many pundits predicting that the 2013 holiday spending tally will top that of 2012, here are a few current marketing trends that your retail business should not only be aware of but start taking full advantage of as well.

The Social Shopping Boom Continues

A recent study conducted by consumer monitor Crowdtap has demonstrated that social media will be more influential than ever before on shoppers this holiday season. Have a look at this little infographic (courtesy of Crowdtap) and you can see just how dominant peer recommendations on social media are becoming:

Peer recommendations

Facebook and Twitter are still well in the lead, so any good efforts there should not go to waste but it’s also rather interesting to note that those little pins on Pinterest seem to have almost as much clout in the consumer mind as big, splashy TV ads (the kind that your business can’t afford) which levels the playing field for the small guys more than a little.

To really take advantage of social sharing, if you have not done so already, make sure that it is very easy for visitors to share content from your website. Make social sharing buttons easy to find and consider adding a Pin It button to all of your images so that sharing specific images is an easy one click affair.

Catering to the Mobile Crowd

tablet shopperYou keep hearing it over and over again, that mobile shoppers are a huge deal to retailers and that is indeed very true. And yet still too many smaller retailers are hesitating to make the right moves to ensure that their websites are user friendly to mobile users. Or taking into account the increasing number of tablet users, whose mobile screens can handle, and almost demand, a richer experience than a smartphone user gets. How easy it is to implement effective multiplatform design will depend upon which platform you used to create your site, but whatever it is now is the right time to take a much closer look at the issue.

Track Down Your Weakest Links

abandoned-cartShopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest frustrations of the holiday shopping season for many retailers large and small. Statistically, a certain number of shoppers are bound to leave their carts and ‘walk’ away but in many cases such incidences are not caused by a browser’s lack of interest in the product but a fault or annoyance in the checkout system itself.

Therefore now is the right time to re-test your check out system yourself. Is the add to cart button easy to find? Are you forcing customers too jump through too many hoops and fill in too many forms just to get to the page where they actually make their payment? Is the whole process too slow? Take the time to look for these issues now and get any obvious problems fixed before the holiday shoppers begin to arrive.

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