KHD Buzz – Record U.S Smartphone Use, Marisa Mayer’s Jail Fears and More

September 23, 2013 0 By Koehler Home Decor

U.S Smartphone Penetration Reaches Record High 


If it seems like everyone you know owns a smartphone, your impression may be because a new survey is reporting that U.S smartphone penetration has now reached a rather eye opening 64%. Read More

Marisa Mayer and Mark Zuckerberg Talk about the NSA

marisa mayer

Speaking at a Techcrunch Disrupt session last week both Yahoo! CEO Marisa Meyer and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg defended their companies roles in the NSA scandal, with Mayer claiming that to have not acted in the way she did would have seen her charged with treason. Read More

Google Vs. Death??

grim reaper cartoon

What won’t Google get into next? Their latest project – an initiative to prolong the human lifespan called Calico. Read More

Is the New Gmail Really Killing Email Marketing? 


Many business owners are rather worried about the impact the big Gmail redesign will have on their email marketing efforts. But is it really that much of a big deal? Read More.

Bing Gets a New Look Too 

bing rebranded logo

Hot on the heels of the new Yahoo! logo Bing has unveiled a new look of their own, as well as a host of new search features designed to continue the battle with Google for a larger share of the search pie. Read More

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