KHD Buzz – Hummingbird Lands, Twitter’s Going Public, Social Spam and More

October 7, 2013 0 By Koehler Home Decor

Google Introduces New Web Search Feedback Feature 


In a move that has not been announced officially, but has simply begun appearing as a part of the Hummingbird algorithm update, Google is allowing some users to ‘vote’ on which one of two similar search results they prefer. Read More. 

Amazon Goes on a Holiday Hiring Spree


Many companies beef up their staffing for the holidays, but Amazon is doing so in a big way this year – adding 70,000 seasonal employees to help meet the anticipated demand. Read More

Social Media Spam Spreading Fast 

facebook spam

As email filters get smarter and smarter, scammers are turning their attention to other ways to get their ‘messages’ across and according to a new study their biggest target is Facebook – along with all of your other favorite social media channels. Read More

Twitter is Finally Going Public 


After months of speculation that they finally would go public , Twitter’s IPO filing is a go and they hope to raise a whopping $1 billion. Read More

Instagram Launches Feed Ads 

woody and buzz

In the world of social media, Instagram was one of the last places where you could enjoy all of its features ad free. Those happy days are now over though, as the first in feed ads have started appearing. But what is annoying for some users could be a big boon for businesses. Read More. 

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