Planning a Perfect Pinterest Holiday Marketing Campaign

October 11, 2013 0 By Koehler Home Decor

pinterest-christmasIn less than three years Pinterest has become something of a social phenomenon. More than just another social network, for many people it serves as a diary, a scrapbook and an ideas list all in one, and a rather revealing and useful one at that. Take, for example, the recent story of a rather enterprising groom who was able to plan (in secret) the wedding of his fiancee’s dreams simply by taking all of his cues from her Pinterest boards!

Pinterest really comes into its own during the run up to the holidays, with many users making even greater use of their pin boards than at any other time of the year. This can be a huge opportunity for retail businesses especially to get their products noticed by a wider audience, but there are some things to be kept in mind when planning a holiday Pinterest campaign to help ensure it is a success, but the biggest concern of all should be posting images that are pin worthy in the first place. Here are a few suggestions:


Improve and enhance – Even the simplest and most basic product images can be improved. In addition to making use of the filters that can be found in a growing number of image editors to change the overall look and feel of the image (PicMonkey and Pixlr are great choices) consider adding text to the images to enhance its overall appeal as well.

Don’t Just Pin Your Products – Pinterest gives users the chance to create multiple themed boards and this is certainly something you should take advantage of. Try creating boards with seasonally themed content that does not directly feature your products but are still relevant to them. For example, if your business offers home decor products, pin images of wonderfully decorated seasonal interiors that can be pinned on inspiration boards that will also still lead users back to you.

Use Pricetags – Even if you do not make use of Pinterest’s price tag feature during the rest of the year when pinning product images they are a must during the run up to the holidays. Many users will be pinning images that essentially create a holiday shopping list and having the prices of the items that have caught their eye clearly visible can often tip their eventual buying choices one way or the other.

Run a Pinterest Sale – For the last year, when an item that a Pinterest user has pinned changes in price Pinterest itself notifies them of this fact. If you notice that a certain image seems to be rather popular consider making even a small adjustment in its price in order to keep it at the forefront of users’s minds.

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