What’s New at KHD – Cask Wine Bottle Rack

October 30, 2013 0 By Koehler Home Decor

cask-wine-bottle-rack-9All too often the wine that is a part of many people’s holiday celebrations and family meals is stuffed away in the fridge until it is time for it to be served. However, with our new Cask Wine Bottle Rack not only can you store your wines in the shaded, room temperature conditions that better suit it (a kitchen fridge is just too cold) but you can also create an impressive home bar or room display that will impress your guests and add an extra element of visual interest to any holiday décor.

The Cask Wine Bottle Rack stands a generous four feet tall and is crafted from genuine fir wood and iron. It contains a wire rack inside that allows you to store multiple bottles of wine attractively and efficiently and the gold barrel studding is the perfect finishing touch on what is a truly attractive and elegant wine storage solution.

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