Super Subject Line Tips to Increase Holiday Email Open Rates

Super Subject Line Tips to Increase Holiday Email Open Rates

September 28, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Promotional emails are still a part of many small businesses’ overall holiday shopping marketing campaigns and they can indeed be effective, but only if you can get people to open them in the first place. As everyone, including your competition, is probably making plans for sending out their festive marketing emails campaigns right now, you only really have one shot at standing out in your customers’ crowded email boxes; your subject line.

Coming up with great subject lines for marketing emails is not always easy, but it’s not an impossible task. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

The Questions

Questions, when properly phrased, can be a great way to pique a reader’s interest, especially in the run-up to the holidays. To intrigue them a little try something along the lines of “Do you really have the perfect holiday gift for your (husband/wife/mother/child/dog etc.) yet?” Offering the promise of a helpful solution to a problem can be effective as well. By asking something like “Are you having a hard time finding a gift for your (insert gift recipient here)?” you are suggesting that the solution is contained within the email, encouraging the recipient to open it, if only out of curiosity.

You can even ask questions that are essentially a call to immediate action as well. “Have you seen our great [insert product/offer] yet?” is one such example.

The Teaser Email

People do like to be teased a little and if you craft your subject line the right way it can be a great way to encourage more opens and distribute some great content that people will find valuable (another great marketing idea). Something along the lines of “10 great holiday gifts for (X recipients) you have not thought of yet” could be a great one. You can also tease the content itself, especially if it is something like a good holiday how to, which people love in general. “How to finish your holiday shopping in one day” perhaps or even seemingly unrelated content “How to decorate your home for the holidays like a pro” for a company in the home decor business could be a big click draw as well.

Add an Emoji or Two

If you make use of an email client like MailChimp or Constant Contact you may have noticed that they – and most other bulk email services – now offer you the option of adding emojis to your subject lines as you create your campaigns. While that may seem a little corny at first, doing so can be surprisingly effective. Analysts at Experian examined the open rates of promotional emails when using emojis in the subject line of the email. According to the study, the open rate of missives with emojis in the subject line was 56% higher compared to similar mailings with plain subject lines.

Avoid the Obvious

It may seem like a good idea (and a much quicker one) to simply add a ‘deal’ as the subject line. “10% off all gifts” is quick and easy after all. But there is a good chance that your recipients email inbox has a half dozen or more emails with pretty much the same subject line in front of them at that very minute and they probably do not have the time to read them all. If you do want to send a ‘deal’ email add some urgency to it. “10% off all gifts until midnight” is more likely to attract more opens and clicks than a simple statement.




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