KHD Buzz – Is the New Yahoo! News for Real, Street View Goes Indoors, Microsoft Gets Mean and More

December 2, 2013 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Katie Couric’s New Role as Yahoo’s Global News Anchor – Is it a Groundbreaker or a Gimmick? 


It was announced last week that Katie Couric is to become the ‘global news anchor’ for a new version of Yahoo! News., a part of CEO Marissa Mayer’s plan to turn Yahoo! into an ‘experience company’. But is this the future of the news or just another gimmick? Read More.  

Even Yahoo! Employees Hate the new Yahoo! Mail 


If you are one of the many users who hate the redesigned Yahoo! email then you are not alone, the company is even having a hard time trying to persuade its own employees to make use of it. Read More

Google Street View Heads Indoors 

Street View transit locations

Google Street View just got more useful for millions of travelers as it has added navigable visuals of the interior of 16 international airports and 59 train and subway stations so that you can actually preview a trip before you take it. Read More

The Laziest Web Search Ever? 


Now, just by saying “OK Google” you can search the web, without ever having to touch a keyboard or a mouse. Read More

Is this the Most Mean Spirited Scroogled Ad Yet?

The Microsoft Scroogled ad campaign has taken another step into nasty territory by using the amiable guys from “Pawn Stars’ to bash the Google Chrome book (and any one in general who does not use all Microsoft products). And they may have meant it to be funny but it provoked an angry reaction from many, including SEO guru Danny Sullivan in a rather scathing blog post. Give it a watch below, do you think Microsoft went too far this time?

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