KHD Buzz – Amazon’s Drones, Google’s Social Bot, KFC’s Funny Take on the Holidays and More

December 9, 2013 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Amazon Delivery Drones – Is It All Just Pie in the Sky? 

delivery drones


By now you have probably at least heard about Amazon’s plan to introduce ‘delivery drones’ some time in the future. In fact CEO Jeff Bezos says they will likely be ready by 2018. But more than technical challenges lie ahead that may prevent the robot postmen from ever getting off the ground. Read More

Google’s Proposed Robot Wants to Take Over Your Online Social Life 


Speaking of robots a Google patent application has revealed that they have plans to create an AI software interface that will essentially take over for you in the social media realm, learning all about you until it can effectively become you online when you are too busy to chat..Read More 

Consumer Carelessness Leads to 2 million Internet Account Hacks – in a Month 


According to a new study over 2 million email and social media accounts were hacked in a month. But don’t blame Google or Facebook just yet, the report says that the account owners really should have seen it coming. Read More

Experiment Aims to Discover Which Online Shopping Search Service Points to the Best Deals 


Over at Search Engine Land they are conducting an ongoing experiment to try to determine which of the online shopping searches is pointing out the best deals of the holiday season. Head here to see what they have come up with so far.

The Downside of Black Friday for Online Retailers

PPC specialist Matt Van Wagner has written a rather interesting piece about the downsides of current holiday marketing trends among Internet retailers and why focusing on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday etc can easily backfire. Read the piece here.

KFC’s Holiday Ad Offers a Realistic – and Hilarious – Take on the Average Family Christmas 

Bucking the usual tradition for tear jerking, super sappy Christmas commercials KFC has debuted an ad in the UK that takes a far more realistic – and very funny – view of what the holidays are really like for most us.


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