Wholesale Product Spotlight – All in One Nail Kit

December 18, 2013 Off By Koehler Home Decor

nail bufferTopping off a great outfit and wonderful hairdo with a perfectly polished manicure is something that many of us strive for daily but who has the time – or the spare cash – for a weekly trip to the salon to get one anymore? Our All in One Nail Kit can help solve that problem though, as it contains everything you need to create , and maintain, perfectly manicured finger and toe nails in the comfort of your own home whenever you have a spare few minutes.

At the heart of the kit is a handheld, easy to use power buffer. The buffer comes with a set of tips, each one designed to do something different. You can buff away dead skin on the feet or remove cuticles without pain. Nails can be filed perfectly and then buffed to a beautiful natural shine that will also take polish perfectly. Then when you need there is also a nail dryer that will dry wet polish in no time, preventing those accidental smudges that always seem to ruin your hard work!

So this year add a new resolution to your New Year’s list – to sport a perfect manicure everyday, thanks to this handy, money saving kit.

Buy the All in One Nail Kit wholesale at Koehler Home D├ęcor.

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