KHD Buzz – Target’s Hacker Nightmare, Facebook’s Ad Growth, Matt Cutts Gets Mean

December 23, 2013 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Whose Fault was the Target Security Breach?


It was a holiday nightmare for Target – and its customers – when the company was forced to announce that a security breech had exposed all the details of credit and debit cards used at its 40 million retail store checkouts on November 27th – Black Friday all the way up to December 15th when the hack was discovered. The big questions now are who was affected and who is to blame? Read More

Facebook now #2 in Digital Ad Sales


Facebook has surpassed Microsoft and Yahoo and is now the second leading digital ad seller, with only the mighty Google ahead of them and it is all thanks to mobile ads. Read More

Did Ad Retargeting Ruin Holiday Shopping This Year?


Pundit Danny Sullivan thinks so and he explains why in this excellent article on how the latest digital ad trend could spoil everyone’s Christmas fun. Read More

Matt Cutts Wants to ‘Break Spirits’??


Google’s Matt Cutts is normally such a nice, easy going chap. However, in the latest episode of the discussion panel show ‘This week in Google’ he got a little tough when discussing spammers and how he and his webspam team want to ‘break their spirits’. Read More

Just for Fun: Lil Bub’s Yule Log Video

Tired of that old yule log video that every local TV channel plays every year? Then why not open your gifts this year with the very cute Lil Bub and her brand new version of the Christmas classic?


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