KHD Buzz – Biz Stone’s Jelly Debuts, Denny’s ‘Wins’ BCS, New Facebook Privacy Lawsuit and More

January 13, 2014 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Jelly has Arrived – But What is it Anyway? 


Twitter co founder Biz Stone has finally launched his latest venture, a ‘search’ app called Jelly. Jelly claims to be a new way to search, using pictures taken by the user. But what exactly is it all about and what can you do with it? Read More 

Denny’s Wins the BCS, on Twitter at Least 


As social media usage continues to permeate every aspect of people’s lives businesses are coming up with more and more rather ingenious ways to make the most of that fact. One great recent example is how some clever real time marketing managed to ‘win’ the BCS football game for Denny’s. Read More

 Will Clickable Paper Replace QR Codes? 


QR codes have been used by Internet marketers large and small for some time now but as clever as the idea is QR codes have never really caught on the way people expected they would in a mobile connected world. Now something called ‘clickable paper’ claims to be the perfect user friendly alternative. Read More

Yahoo! Admits Its Ads Contained Malware 

Malware-Blamed-on-Yahoo-Ads-650x356 (1)

Just when it seemed like things were going very well for Yahoo! another snafu hit them when the company was forced to admit that ads they hosted across sites in Europe were infected with malware. Read More

 Facebook Sued Over Private Message Breech


A class action suit has been filed in California against Facebook seeking damages for those affected by the “systematic interception” of personal messages on Facebook and using that information for commercial purposes. Read More

Yelp Court Ordered to Hand Over Reviewer Details 


In what many see as a blow for freedom of speech on the Internet a Virginia court has ruled that Yelp must hand over the user details of anonymous reviewers whose opinions are cited in deformation cases. Read More

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