Are You Making These Silly – but Easy to Fix – WordPress Mistakes?

uh-ohThe holidays are over, now you can stop and relax for a moment. Or not, as Valentine’s Day, potentially one of the most profitable ‘holidays’ for a retailer is just a few weeks away, so no, time to gear up a new marketing campaign!

Before you do that though if you, like so many other people, use a WordPress site for your blog or indeed for your business web site in general, now is a good time to stop and do a quick check to make sure that you are not making one of the very small,very common mistakes that make WordPress users look, well, silly and that can also reduce the effectiveness of all of your efforts!

Here are some of the most important things to be on the look out for:

Leaving the ‘Not Just Another WordPress Blog’ tagline in place

You would be surprised how many otherwise quite competent WordPress users forget to remove the generic tag line that is a part of all new installations of WP. Doing so means that not only will it show up in your header and make you (and your company) look rather silly but it will show up in search engines as well, derailing your hard work on SEO.

Getting DeIndexed Because You Set Your Site to Private

If you are launching a new WordPress site, or implementing an overhaul, you may have been advised to set it to private until it is ‘ready’ for search engines to crawl. DON’T. What that does is add a no index tag to every page and the search bots will come to crawl the site anyway, resulting in the site being deindexed and the bots never coming back again when your site is ready.

Keeping Deactivated Plugins

WordPress plugins can be very useful but they can also put your site in danger. One of the easiest ways that hackers find their way into a WordPress site is through a weakness or ‘back door’ in a plug in, especially if it is an older unused one, which is why you do have to not only be very careful about which plug ins you install in the first place but also that you delete any plug ins you are no longer using, instead of leaving them in place ‘just in case.’

Not Updating Your WordPress Version

Are you one of the many WordPress users that sees the little log in message ‘there is a new version of WordPress available, please update now’ in your control panel and then ignores it for weeks? Bad idea. There is a reason that so many developers work so hard to create these updates and it is not just to add new features. In fact that is secondary, it is the bugs and glitches that are fixed when an update is released that is so important. Attacking sites via these glitches is another favorite hacker’s tactic, so don’t make things easier for them.

Crazy Code

If you write a blog post, or a piece of new content, in Microsoft Word or a similar office program and then cut and paste into your WordPress site you are asking for trouble. Even if you use the little ‘paste from Word’ radio button in the dashboard you will still be adding the stray code that is a built in part of Word and that stray code, even if it does not show up in the visual appearance of the post, will confuse search engine bots and make it very hard for them to index your site properly. Paste your content in as a txt file and then format it in place.

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