Tips and Resources for Your Valentine’s Day Social Media Marketing

January 24, 2014 Off By Koehler Home Decor

retro_valentine39s_day_greeting_card_01_vector_180384Valentine’s Day is a big deal for retailers in many different niches and as social media is a large part of most businesses overall marketing campaigns then it is increasingly important to leverage those platforms to help boost your Valentine’s Day sales.

As social media is no place for the hard sell what are the best ways to go about doing that? Here are just a few tips and tricks you can keep in mind:

Leverage Red!

Whether you are talking about Facebook, Twitter or Google+ all three of these active social media platforms offer you plenty of ‘Internet real estate’ that can be used to add a celebratory theme to your pages. Look for great images that play on red without being too overwhelming or cutesy. Having trouble finding the right images? Free Digital Photos and All Free Downloads  are both sites that offer free to use Valentine’s Day graphics that are not only high quality but a little different as well.

To make sure that your images will display correctly don’t forget to size them correctly. You can find an updated for 2014 image size cheat sheet here.

Play on Love 

Instead of just focusing on ‘couples love’ take advantage of the fact that the way that we celebrate Valentine’s Day has changed over the years. These days people send Valentine’s greetings and gifts to their parents, their children, their friends and co-workers and even to their pets so you may want to brainstorm ways that you can include all of this in your social media messaging and posts.


Valentine’s Day is a great time for contests and, done right, contests and social media are made for each other. Photo contests are perhaps the obvious choice, especially as they can be run across a number of different social media platforms – Facebook, G+, Instagram, Pinterest and even Twitter – and the possible themes are almost endless. If you have never run a photo or video contest before consider making use of a service like Offerpop who make it very easy to run cross platform contests that are engaging and fully compliant with all the rules.

Not all contests have to be visually based though. Why not ask you followers to share their love stories (keeping that broad definition in mind we just discussed) and offer prizes for the ‘best’. Not only can such things help build engagement but as long as you have the right permission you can publish this content across your social media accounts and even on your website, and what’s better than having people create engaging content for you?

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