Wholesale Product Spotlight – Spun Glass Rosebud Vase

January 22, 2014 Off By Koehler Home Decor

spun-glass-rosebud-vase-12533Red roses and romance simply go together. Therefore they are the first gift choice of many when Valentine’s Day rolls around again. As beautiful as they are though they are not exactly a long lasting expression of love. Even if you use the old ‘aspirin in the water’ trick the most expensive of blooms only have a lifespan of a week at most.

Our Spun Glass Rosebud Vase is different though. Incorporating the beauty of the red rose it can serve as a permanent expression of your affection that will last as long as your love does.

The Spun Glass Rosebud Vase is a delicately designed little work of art. The deep red glass rose sits in its own slim and elegant vase, its petals trimmed with gold. At the base of the vase there are a cluster of tiny hearts topped with a charming pair of lovebirds, all set upon a mirrored base. The vase, which stands a generous 2 3/8″ diameter x 9″ high, is the perfect addition to any home decor scheme and suitable for year round use, making it a Valentine’s Day gift that will truly be appreciated for years to come.

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