KHD Buzz – Lowe’s on Jelly, Mark Zuckerberg’s Spider, Yelp’s Review Woes and More

January 20, 2014 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Lowe’s Becomes the first Big Company to Figure Jelly Out 


When Biz Stone’s Jelly first debuted a few weeks ago businesses (and SEOs) everywhere immediately began wondering if businesses could find a way to utilize this rather different mobile based social network. Now home improvement giant Lowe’s seems to be one of the first companies to figure it out. Read More.

Zuck Still Loves Jelly as Well

Mark Zuckerberg Uses Jelly To Ask About A Spider In His Shower   WebProNews

Speaking of Jelly, one of the first images from the application that went ‘viral’ was one that showed Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg apparently texting and driving. Despite this he still seems to be a fan of the service though and took to it again to ask a very important question about home safety. Read More.

Has Yelp’s Fake Review Problem Improved? 


It has now been several months since Yelp announced that they intended to begin getting very tough on companies who posted fake reviews on their site. But has the situation really improved? Read More.

Facebook Sponsored Stories are Going Away


Facebook sponsored stories have never really been popular and now that the company has figured it out and will be sun-setting the offering within the next few months. But what went wrong? Read More

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