As the Reach Factor Drops – Facebook Alternatives to Consider for Your Business

January 31, 2014 Off By Koehler Home Decor

sad-cat-facebook-300x225After denying the assertion for months Facebook has admitted that the organic reach for most Facebook business pages is going down and will continue to do so. The company claims it is to improve user experience but most cynics claim it is just a way to almost force businesses to pay either for advertising or to have their reach boosted on a pay per post basis.

While larger companies may be able to take this all in stride and build a decent sized Facebook ad budget into their overall marketing expenditure most small businesses cannot. The problem is that so many companies have made Facebook the focus of their social media marketing efforts and are now seeing all of their efforts to gain a following and create good content largely go to waste. After all, it does not matter how large your following is, or how great the content is if only 10% of your audience is seeing it in the newsfeed.

All of this means while they might not quit Facebook for good many people are scrambling around to try to figure out which of the other social networks – which they may only be dabbling in right now – is better worth their time and attention. And that depends largely on what your business does and what you hope to achieve with your SMM. Here is a brief breakdown of the other popular – and some emerging – social networks and what they may have to offer to you.

Twitter – Many people who focused on Facebook simply linked to a Twitter account and then added the handy app which would auto post the same content to Twitter. If that is the case for you then unlink it now and actually start taking advantage of what the service now offers.

Twitter, it should be said also sells sponsored tweets but all it does is highlight those tweets in a user’s newsfeed. A non paid tweet will still be shown to everyone who follows you and whether they see it or not is a matter of timing and how far they browse.

For those who like to use images – which is the case for many retailers – that functionality has improved on Twitter and users can now view both still images and videos in the body of a Tweet without having to click away.

G+ – The much maligned G+ has quietly been growing and growing and for those used to Facebook it is turning out to be a rather easy switch. The basic post process is very similar and the fact that you can use the circles function to fine target your messages is a plus.

Hangouts are the other great aspect of G+ that more and more people are beginning to explore for business use. They are easier to set up than you might imagine and can inform customers in a way that a simple written post or even an image never can, something that could be very useful to a retailer.

Pinterest – At the moment, for a retail business Pinterest may be the very best place to make the focus of your social media marketing. Its growth is still expanding and its users are far more engaged than those on any other platform. Provided you take the time to post great images – and you can still link to your great written content as long it contains at least one image – it really can be a very effective platform for even the smallest business. Best of all you can still cross post on Facebook, maintaining your presence there as well.

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