Want to Get into SMS Marketing? How to Choose the Right Service Provider

February 7, 2014 Off By Koehler Home Decor

sms_iconWe know you have heard it again and again and again now; mobile use for retail purposes is still continuing to grow. We have also discussed the advantages of SMS marketing before and it is actually in even more widespread use than when we last wrote about it.

SMS is not one of those DIY tactics that you can tackle completely alone, it requires SMS service. And as the popularity of SMS marketing continues to grow, so does the number of companies offering their assistance. So how do you make a choice, especially as the basics of the service they are all offering is really the same? They all offer the ability to help you send rather simple text messages to a large number of people. Here are some of the most important questions you should ask any vendor you are even considering:

How Much Do You Charge to Send a Single Message?

This information may be hard to get out of some companies. They would prefer to try to get you to sign up for ‘special package deals’ that you probably do not need. Now, while it is hardly unlikely that you will ever just be sending one text message, it is important that you be given this information so that you can accurately track your ROI on an SMS campaign.

Hidden Fees and Limitations

Sadly, these are becoming very common in SMS marketing, especially for those who sign up for an annual package. To avoid expensive surprises ensure that you know exactly how a company intends to charge you. You should also make sure you know what happens to any messages paid for that you do not use right away. How long will they carry over for? Do they expire? You should make sure that you investigate the terms of any SMS marketing agreement as extensively as any other business agreement.

How Do They Handle Compliance?

Proper compliance is as critical in the text message marketing industry as it is in email
marketing. The FTC has some very strict rules about sending unsolicited text messages and as you will not actually be the one sending the message you will need to be sure that the company that does operates in compliance with all of the FTC rules.

For example, the regulations require marketers to only send marketing messages to cell
phone users who have opted in to receive them. With no exceptions. Whatever way you choose to tell people that they can receive these text messages you can only send them when you have proof that they agree to get them. And that will be up to the text message  service you choose to obtain, so you need to be able to trust them to do so.


You will be also relying on this company to send out your text messages at the right time, as soon as they are requested. If a company’s data functions are prone to outages, then this may not happen. While no company can ever offer a guarantee of perfection they should be able to provide you with some basic specs about their up time and the speed and capacity of their network.

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