The New Seven Deadly Sins of Backlinking

February 21, 2014 Off By Koehler Home Decor

backlinksAccording to Google, guest blogging specifically to earn yourself backlinks is now something that has become so overused and spammy that they are now frowning on it and advising against the practice. Both Google and Bing also disapprove of links gained via article directories, something that was a surefire way to get links to improve SERPs visibilty just a few years ago. And forget buying links or joining link farms, those tactics are going to earn your site a huge slap from the search engines as soon as you are ‘caught’, as many companies large and small have been discovering recently.

And yet you still need links, Google and Bing admit that. They are looking for ‘high quality, natural’ links. And before you even begin to think about a strategy to get these links you actually need to determine what good links really are these days. One way to do that is understand exactly what ‘bad links’ are so that you do not waste time chasing them. With that in mind here are what you could refer to as the new Seven Deadly Sins of Backlinking. If a linking site meets any of the following, or even seems to, then DO NOT link to them and do not allow them to link to your site either. Google is penalizing bad incoming links as well as bad outgoing ones.

1. The site you are considering linking to has little to no relevancy to your own site.
2. The site owner wants to link to your site from every page of theirs.
3. Are coming from a free for all site that lets anyone post a backlink on any subject from any site – ie article directories – To Google these links are spam, nothing more.
4. Are link farms that contain 50 or more links on one page. There are a number of “free” directories that fall into this category, although one by one the search engines are penalizing them out of existence, so submission to those sites should be avoided and if you have links there already consider taking them down. Link only to reputable directories and limit the number of submissions you make to them as well.
5. Are sites that are considered to be bad neighbors ( often those with explicit sexual content, references to illegal drugs etc.)
6. Copy links to mirror sites. Google considers this spam and may penalize everyone involved.
7. Use the rel=”no follow” tag in their link. These are useless links to you as bots will literally fail to follow the link back to your site because they are specifically being told not to!

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