KHD Buzz – New Twitter Ad Platform Launches, Facebook and Fake Likes, Google Penalties and More

February 24, 2014 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Twitter launches new Marketing Platform


Twitter has launched a new Marketing Platform to help those who want to join their advertising program do so more easily. Read More

   Are Fake Likes Good For Facebook? 

fake like

A report in the Washington Post has claimed that Facebook is selling fake likes via their ‘promote’ program. Facebook says they are not. But who is telling the truth? Read More.

                                               E-commerce Sales Increased by 8% In January


According to marketing analysis firm Custora January ecommerce sales rose in the US while 20 percent of those orders occurred on an Android device. Read More

Instagram launches Physical Marketers Book, But You Can’t Have One 


Instagram has announced they have published a physical ‘handbook’ of best practices for marketers using the platform. Sounds great right? The trouble is that they have only made it available to a very limited number of people. Read More

Big Names that Have Fallen Afoul of Google 


Worried that your ‘little’ website will fall afoul of all of Google’s ever growing efforts to penalize bad websites? It is not just you. Even these ten big, big names have fallen victim to the Pandas and the Penguins. Read More

Want to Improve Your SEO Skills? Play Donkey Cutts and You Just Might

Donkey Cutts  SEO The Game - PLAY FREE

Matt Cutts has become such a guru in the world of SEO that one UK marketing firm has actually taken all of his advice and turned it into a game. Inspired by Donkey King, Donkey Cutts allows you to guide your character through a world filled with SEO pitfalls and perks with the aim being, of course, to score a great SERPs ranking. Click the picture above to head to the Net Vouchers site to play. Warning: It can get a bit addictive..

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