Wholesale Product Spotlight – Rustic Wishing Well Planter

April 16, 2014 Off By Koehler Home Decor

rustic garden wishing wellOver the last few years incorporating a water feature into your overall landscaping plan has become very trendy. Although the term may be relatively new the concept is not and one of the earliest forms of a ‘water feature’ to be installed in backyards all over the world is the wishing well. Our Rustic Wishing Well is a perfect example of such a feature.

There was a time, long ago, that the well served a practical purpose and its aesthetics were a secondary consideration. Even after that no longer was the case people still held on to their wells, realizing that they actually were rather attractive. These days a wishing well like this one adds a rustic charm that evokes images of those times gone by in a way that is very charming.

Our Rustic Wishing Well Planter stands a generous 25 5/8″ diameter x 44 1/8″ high and is crafted from high quality, durable fir wood. It is finished with an attractive dark stain and its decorative bucket serves as an attractive planter, adding to the visual appeal of this lovely piece of outdoor decor even further.

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