Wholesale Product Spotlight – Rustic Convertible Garden Table

April 30, 2014 Off By Koehler Home Decor

table upAfter a difficult winter, even for those who do not normally have to deal with wintry weather, most of us are looking forward to the long hot days of summer more eagerly than ever before, and intend to get the most out of every minute we can spend relaxing outdoors and enjoying the return of the sun. And our clever Rustic Convertible Garden Table can definitely help you with that this year and for years to come.

This attractive dark wood offering starts off as a lovely looking, and very practical, park style bench, perfect for relaxing alone or with a companion. When company arrives though it can take on a new identity, quickly and easily transforming into a spacious picnic table complete with double bench seating! Any outdoor space will become twice as functional with this piece in place and as a standalone addition to your overall landscaping its rustic look will add charm and visual interest.table down


The Rustic Convertible Garden Table measures 55″ x 53¾” x 29″ high and when converted back into a bench measures 55″ x 31½” x 24¼” high, perfectly sized for any porch, patio or open garden space.

Buy the Rustic Convertible Garden Table wholesale at Koehler Home Decor.

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