KHD Buzz – Is Net Neutrality Dead, Etsy Launches New App, Pinterest ‘Guided Search’ and More

April 28, 2014 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Will the FCC’s new ‘Pay to Play’ Net Neutrality Rules Hurt Small Businesses? 


Many people were incensed when the FCC announced it will allow big companies to pay Internet providers like Comcast to provide them with higher speed and ‘fast lanes’, potentially not only posing a threat to the idea of net neutrality but to small businesses as well. Read More

Retail Sites are Getting Slower and Slower


In news that may or may not be directly related to the issues of net neutrality a new report has found that on average retail website pages are 47% slower than they were just two years ago, spelling trouble for their owners. Read More 

Etsy Launches iPhone App for Sellers 

Etsy - Android Apps on Google Play

Etsy launched a new iPhone app, but this one is for sellers. Citing the ‘different needs’ of Etsy sellers the app allows store owners to manage their business on the go. Read more

Report Says 70% of Emails are Still Spam


A decade ago Bill Gates predicted email spam would be a thing of the past within two years. It looks like he was wrong. But with so many filters in place in the average mailbox how is it all still getting through and where is it coming from? Read More

Pinterest Announces Guided Search

Pinterest is continuing to expand into the search market, introducing guided search. This video shows the new feature in action:

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