KHD Buzz – Facebook F8 Highlights, PayPal Makes Big Changes, Reasons to Stick with FB and More

May 5, 2014 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Highlights from Facebook’s F8 Conference 


Facebook is still an important tool for marketers even if they are having to change the way they make use of it in light of recent algorithm changes. That does mean that the revelations made at the F8 Facebook conference were still something to pay attention to.

Among the changes announced were the launch of a program called fbStart which will provide free services for start up businesses, the expected new mobile advertising platform which will apparently be called Audience Network and an anonymous login system that will allow users to try out apps without having to share all of their personal information.

PayPal Debut a New Logo ..and a New Mission Statement 


After well over a decade at the forefront of the electronic payments market PayPal is making some big changes and the new logo is only just the beginning, according to the company’s new mission statement. Read More 

Facebook Referrals are on the Rise, Even with Organic Reach Way Down 


If the miserable state of your Facebook organic reach recently has you almost ready to give up on the platform you might want to read this report before you do. It indicates that despite the plunging reach levels referrals are actually on the rise. Read More  

Matt Cutts: Why Google Might Ignore Your Title Tags 

The standard SEO advice is that properly optimized title tags are a content creation must. Yet some people find that Google seems to ignore that sometimes and ‘make up’ their own. Why is that? The ever helpful Matt Cutts explains:


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