KHD Buzz – Yelp! Keeps Growing, Yahoo Dumps ‘Do Not Track’, Baby Man Ad Debuts and More

May 12, 2014 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Yelp! Reports 66% Growth in Q1 over 2013 Earnings 


Despite facing accusations of ‘extorting’ business owners to buy their ads and controversy over their reviews policy Yelp! continues to grow, reporting a Q1 gain of 66% over 2014 and a big traffic boost. Read More

Yahoo! Dumps ‘Do Not Track’ Browser Signals 


In what some see as a another blow to Internet privacy Yahoo! announced that they will no longer be paying any attention to ‘Do Not Track’ browser signals, even though they were the first company to ever implement them. Read More

Twitter Stock Keeps Falling


Despite having completely revamped user profiles and launching a new ad platform Twitter’s stock continues to plummet, bringing the social network’s future into question again. Read More

First Facebook News Feed Ad Launches 


Progressive Insurance got the ‘honor’ of being the first brand whose video ads launched in Facebook newsfeeds and their ‘Baby Man’ campaign and its placement has earned very mixed reactions. Read More 

Amazon Expands Sunday Delivery Reach 


Amazon’s experiment with Sunday deliveries continues to grow as the company has announced the service will be offered to shoppers in fifteen more US cities. Read More 

3D Printing Explained in 2 Minutes 

You keep hearing about 3D printing. But how does it actually work? This video explains it all in two minutes:


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