KHD Buzz – More Panda Hits, More Yelp! Accusations, How Google Ranks Pages with No Links and More

June 9, 2014 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Premium Press Release Sites Big Panda Losers?


The dust has begun to settle after Google Panda’s last trip through the Internet a few weeks ago and that means that SERPs data analysts have been keeping themselves busy trying to figure out just which sites were hit hardest this time and what that could mean for everyone else.

According to Barry Schwartz for Search Engine Land it certainly looks like press release distribution sites took a big hit. But not the free sites that you might expect but the premium sites that charge hundreds of dollars for distribution and people had previously assumed to be very safe promotional channels. Read More

Yelp! Forced to Defend Its Actions Again


Once again Yelp! is facing big claims that if a business declines its ‘offer’ to buy ads on the site then their good reviews are suppressed. Hundreds of business owners have made this claim in the past and Yelp! has vehemently denied them all, but a new, and very active, thread on Redditt seems to offer some persuasive evidence that they are not being honest at all. Or maybe it is the businesses who are not after all. Read More

As it Turns 5 Bing Closes Its Webmaster Forums


Bing has just celebrated its fifth birthday. Although the search engine is making some strides, especially now that it has been adopted by Apple as the ‘official’ search engine of iDevice and Mac products, Google still holds a big lead and most of the attention of webmasters, a fact that has led to the closure of the Bing Webmaster Forums. Read More

Facebook Says 30 Million Small Businesses Have an Active Presence on the Site


According to Facebook there are now 30 million small businesses actively posting to a Facebook fan page, up 5 million from the last time such figures were discussed in November. Read More

Matt Cutts Corner – Accessing a Page Without Links

This weeks Matt Cutts addressed just how Google goes about determining the quality of a web page that has no links. And it involves going back to basics and yes, that whole keyword thing again…

On the Lighter Side: George RR Martin Wants to Kill You to Save the Wolves


If you are one of the millions of people who stave off the ‘its nearly Monday again’ blues by escaping to the land of Westeros via Game of Thrones on a Sunday evening then its creator, author George RR Martin, has a very interesting offer for you; the chance to die a gruesome death rivaling that of any Red Wedding guest and save wolves at the same time.
Read More.

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