KHD Buzz – Facebook Says Sorry, the Twitter ‘Buy’ Button, Goldman Sachs Best Google and More

July 7, 2014 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Facebook Is Suggesting That Fans Unlike Pages


It appears that Facebook is actively suggesting that fans unlike Facebook fan pages that they may not be too engaged with. But rather than panic about even more lost engagement some social media experts are suggesting that this may in fact be a good thing for brands. Read More.

Sheryl Sandberg Apologizes for Unauthorized Facebook Experiment


As it has emerged that Facebook conducted a ‘secret’ psychological experiment on some users in 2012  COO Sheryl Sandberg has stepped up to apologize. But can users really trust Facebook? Read More.

Goldman Sachs Ask Google to Delete ‘Sensitive’ Email 


Investment firm Goldman Sachs successfully petitioned Google in court to delete an email that was accidentally sent to a Gmail user. The company claimed it contained confidential information intended for an investor. Having agreed to do so though, Google now has some worried that this sets a disturbing precedent. Read More

Twitter Adding a Buy It Now Feature? 


A ‘buy it now’ feature has been spotted on Twitter that suggests that the microblogging platform may be heading in a whole new, eCommerce friendly direction. Read More.

Writer Making Amazon Reviews Hilarious, One Review at a Time  Samsung UN85S9 85-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV  Electronics

After Amazon suggested that he buy a $40,000 TV based on his past purchases writer James O. Thach posted a review that began ‘After my wife and I sold my daughter into white slavery..’ and since then has become a troll extraordinaire, reviewing all kinds of Amazon in the most hilarious way possible. Read More 

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