Google and the Right to be Forgotten, Facebook Buy Buttons, When Viral Videos Go Wrong and More

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Google Intends to Make ‘The Right to Be Forgotten’ Not So Forgettable After All


Although they are being forced to comply with the controversial European ‘Right to be Forgotten’ ruling, Google seemingly came up with a way to keep that forgettable content alive anyway. Read More

Facebook Now Experimenting with In Ad Buy Buttons 


After ‘buy’ buttons began showing up in Tweets on Twitter, Facebook announced that they are testing a similar system as well. Read More 

Google to Begin Informing Mobile Users When A Site Won’t Work 


Still stalling on upgrading your website so that it displays well across as many mobile operating systems as possible? Here’s another reason to stop procrastinating now; Google is about to begin warning mobile users when a site will not work well on their device – before they head there. Read More

Pinterest and Shopify Team Up on Rich Pins 

Rich pins

Pinterest and Shopify announced a partnership that will enhance the way that rich pins work for Shopify merchants. Read More  

Great Read: Life Inside a Filipino Call Center 


More and more US businesses are opting to outsource their customer service operations to the growing number of Filipino call centers. This fascinating article by Mashable’s Paul Jeffers offer a glimpse into a world that is rather different than you might expect. Read More 


When Viral Ads Backfire..

Many companies and organizations launched viral video campaigns around the FIFA World Cup, and many of them worked very well. That was not the case unfortunately for the National Council for Problem Gambling in Singapore, whose World Cup ad really backfired on them in a big way:

Still, the government officials who helped launch and fund the campaign managed to maintain their sense of humor about the ad faux pas. The Minister for Trade and Industry Teo Ser Luck posted on his Facebook page; “Germany beat Brazil 7-1! Brazil needs to find out what went wrong and I need to find the script-writer for the gambling control advertisement.” His colleague, Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin, added; “Looks like the boy’s father who bet all his savings on Germany will be laughing all the way to the bank!”

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