KHD Buzz – Google Pigeon Swoops In, Twitter Ad Revenues Up, Amazon Expands Again and More

August 4, 2014 0 By Koehler Home Decor

Here Comes Another Google Animal; Google Pigeon is Released


There have been pandas, penguins, hummingbirds and now another sweeping Google algorithm has been released; Google Pigeon. This time it is local search rankings that are impacted but for once it seem that there may be more positives than negatives for small businesses flying in with this update. Read More

Twitter’s Fortunes Reversing After Big Q2


Investor fears about the health and viability of Twitter were soothed a great deal last week when the company reported that ad revenues for Q2 were up by 129%. Read More

Will Amazon Succeed in the Local Services Market Too?


Amazon, it appears, is almost ready to launch their local services marketplace, aiming to take on not only Yelp! but the likes of Lowes and Home Depot too, as well as a potential plethora of service businesses. Once they do, what might the impact be on small local businesses? Read More

Facebook Gifts are Going Away


The never very popular Facebook gifts feature is being put out to pasture (for a second time) on August 12th to make way for newer sales innovations, according to the company. Read More

Wikipedia Score a Big Victory Over Paid Wikimedia Placement Companies


In their attempt to keep Wikipedia and its associated sites sources of free and neutral knowledge the company has scored a big victory over the black hat sites attempting to use the Wikimedia properties as new sources of revenue. Read More

Watch: A History of SEO in Four Minutes

Still confused about what does and does not count as good SEO practice these days? Then check out this video that neatly covers the history of SEO in just four minutes:

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