Product Spotlight – Captain America Vintage Shield Wall Decal Set

August 20, 2014 Off By Koehler Home Decor

captain-america-vintage-shield-wall-decal-2Every kid wants a great looking bedroom that is fun to hang out in (even if they don’t always keep it tidy) but as kids are fickle and their tastes change quickly, painting a room to suit their current likes and loves can be a tough prospect. The chances are good that not so long after you spend hours (and more than a little money) painting a theme room their tastes will change and they will be begging for it to be changed again.

Wall decals are a great compromise, as they provide all the decorative benefits of a wall mural but can be both installed and removed in a flash. And with the current renewed popularity of the Marvel superheroes with the younger set for many our Captain America Vintage Shield Wall Decal makes the perfect room decor choice.

The wall decals center around a large ( 25½” diameter) vintage rendering of Captain America’s iconic shield. Six more decals of varying sizes then allow you and your child to create a unique wall scene that can be removed and repositioned as often as you like.

The Captain America Vintage Shield Wall Decal set comes complete with all seven decals, which are crafted from a safe but durable paper based material which is designed to last and last.

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