KHD Buzz – Google’s Many Changes, Facebook Bans Like Gating, Crowdsourced Advertising and More

August 25, 2014 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Google Made 890 Changes to Search Last Year 


Does it sometimes seem like Google makes a change to their algorithm every day? They may indeed do just that, as Amit Singhal, Google’s Head of Search says that in 2013 alone his team made 890 ‘improvements’ to the search algorithm in everyday use. Read More 

Facebook Bans ‘Like Gating’ Outright

like gating

According to the small print in the Facebook Contest rules the practice of ‘like gating’ – requiring a user to like a page in order to take part in a contest or claim a bonus – has always been a no-no. However, page owners have happily been flaunting that rule for years. Now however Facebook is getting tough and like gates will now be disabled, beginning November 5, 2014. Read More.

You Don’t Own Those Page Likes 


Does a Facebook page creator actually own the ‘likes’ that they work so hard to accumulate? According to a Florida court ruling, the answer is no. Read More.

British Brewer Crowdsources Its Creatives – With Hilarious Results 

Any marketer who uses Facebook and other social media platforms to boost their products has heard the advice that they should involve their audience as much as possible. The British brewery behind Newcastle Brown Ale are taking that idea to a whole new level though. Read More


 How Facebook is Benefiting From the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 


Love it or hate it there is no doubt that the ice bucket challenge for ALS is doing what is was designed to do, raise awareness about what is a horrifying disease. ALS charities are not the only ones benefiting from all of those icy videos, Facebook is doing rather well of the initiative as well. Read More

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