Holiday Email Marketing Myths Debunked

Holiday Email Marketing Myths Debunked

September 20, 2019 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Summer may only just be winding down but the most sensible retailers, both large and small, are already beginning to brainstorm their holiday marketing campaigns.

Given that holiday related goods are showing up in stores earlier and earlier every year any boost a smaller company can get is a welcome one. And email marketing still offers a great deal, when done right.

As email deliverability rules and practices change though, people are becoming more and more confused about the dos and don’ts of email marketing, and some persistent myths may derail their campaigns if you believe them. Here is a little about the reality behind some of the most prevalent.

Myth: Always Send Out Emails at X O’Clock

Many companies set their emails to send in the early morning as they assume that the early bird will catch the worm. Others believe that 3 pm on a Tuesday is the right time (Why? No one knows anymore, it’s just advice that has been around forever) and an array of industry studies have all come up with different answers.

A MailChimp study suggested 2-5 pm is an optimum time while Experian researchers say that their most recent data suggests that between midnight and 4 am is a better bet.

The simple fact is that most people check their email account multiple times a day, especially as many are now checking via their mobile devices as a matter of course. Therefore, the best way to determine what might be an optimal time to mail to your lists is to engage in a little old-fashioned A/B testing now so that by the time you are making your big holiday push you have a good idea of just when to hit ‘send’.

Myth: Sending Too Many Emails Will Get Your Messages Consigned to Spam

This is advice that has been given to email marketers for years from many sources, but more recent research does not back it up.

Email company Alchemy Works scrutinized their customers’ data over the three-month period leading up to the holidays and found that when a brand increased their email sends from one to four a month on average their email open rate doubled. As long as the content is valuable, customers really do not seem to mind the extra emails at all.

Myth: People Start Christmas Shopping in November

According to online research from Statistica, last year some consumers in the US began their holiday shopping even before September had ended. While most of them did still tick off the bulk of their lists in November, it is worth keeping in mind that consumers are getting ready for the festive period a lot earlier than you might think. So it’s not as inappropriate to send holiday emails in October as you may have been led to think, and if you sell holiday home decor even earlier than that may be a good idea.

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