Did You Miss IPv6 Launch Day? What That is and Why It Matters

June 7, 2012 Off By Koehler Home Decor

On Wednesday, June 6th the Internet underwent a significant change – one that can impact the user experience for everyone – but the problem is that many people whose living at least partially depends on their web presence have no idea what happened or just how it might affect them, their website and ultimately their business. So just what was it that was such a big deal? Wednesday marked the final launch for IPv6. If you do not know what that is, in very basic terms basically the Internet as a whole is getting a bigger address book. Using the old system, known as IPv4, more than 4.3 billion IP addresses have been allocated to websites operating all over the world. But the capacity to grant new addresses under the old system is about to end. The Internet is running out of room and granting new IPv4 addresses was about to become impossible. Thanks to IPv6 though the World Wide Web can continue to grow – all the way to x3 340 trillion if it needs to (if that is a real number!)


Are You IPv6 Ready?

Web masters themselves really have no control over whether of not their IP is upgraded – that is something only their ISP can do, but it will pay to find out now if you site has IPv6 connectivity and if not when your ISP expects it to arrive. Eventually, if too few IPs are upgraded then all kinds of problems with connectivity and basic navigation will occur, which was the point of holding the launch day. The idea is that businesses will be given priority in upgrading – less than 1% of residential IP addresses in the US have been upgraded yet. This has been planned so that business and e-commerce websites can remain operational and efficient. Even if you don’t really want to delve too heavily into the actual technology (and there is no reason for you to really) you should take a few minutes to find out just what connectivity the business IP address used for your website has right now. You can do that by logging onto simple testing site which will tell you in just a few minutes where you stand, as well as give you lots more helpful information about just what IPv6 really means. ​

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